Make a statement with your wardrobe

Make a statement with your wardrobe

Make a statement with your wardrobe

We think there’s a bit of a misconception about creating a head-turning look. Firstly, it’s all about experimenting; it’s about having fun and mixing up your looks. It’s about going outside-the-box and doing something different – and all of that means ditching the “I wish I could pull that off!” mentality.

Because really, anyone can pull anything off, you just have to be ready to do it. It takes a little bit of a fashion-forward that means you’re okay with being bolder than what’s considered ‘the norm’, and that’s half the excitement.

So, how exactly do you create a statement look with the wardrobe you’ve got?


Remember you can start making a statement at any time

If you weren’t always into looks that draw attention, that’s okay. Making a statement means you can transform your wardrobe at any point in time. If you were conservative in the past, who cares – now’s the time to sport a few edgy looks and get adventurous with your style.

But to start this all off, you’ll need to adopt an IDGAF attitude – you need to be willing to take risks and be unique. After all, isn’t that what fashion is really about?


Be daring, but be you

When you’re gearing up to start making statement looks, remember that there are no rules, except for one: always stay true to yourself.

Turning heads is great, but straying away from who you as a person isn’t the idea here. Keep your own personal style in mind and use it to fuel your inspiration. Turn your casual looks into red-carpet thrillers. Think of it as ‘you with a twist’.


How to create a statement outfit

When you’re starting out, there’s one solid tip we like to turn to: have one head-turning blouse or top on hand. It should be easy enough to cover up if you need to, but also be comfortable to take you from day to night. Think bright splashes of colour, adventurous prints or a bold accent. Top the look off with neutral times from your existing wardrobe.


 Our Gianna Blue Suede Boots are bound to draw all eyes in a room. Set the scene with some shades of grey to draw attention to those killer kicks.


Deviate from what you consider ‘normal’

It might be our biggest pro tip, but to really nail the statement look, you don’t necessarily need an over-the-top outfit, but you will need confidence. Why? You’ll be sporting trends you’re probably not used to flaunting, so pick something that naturally draws your eye and try it on. If it gives you a sense of excitement or a teeny-tiny bit of fear, then you’re on the right track to picking a winner. If you see your comfort zone looming, run far away – it’s time to be daring.


Our Rihanna Two Piece Set does the trick.


Don’t stash them away for special events or occasions

The aim of creating any unique look like this is to feel comfortable in it, no matter the day. Just because you’ve created something that’s a little ‘different’, doesn’t mean you have to save it for a special occasion. Try wearing your look while you’re out doing your everyday antics – like errands or catchups. Eventually, it’ll feel like it’s all a part of your signature wardrobe.

The Missy Black Sequin Jacket is a nod to making a subtle statement while still packing a punch.


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Alright, now we’ve given you our top tips, it’s time to pick out some of your favourites. Indulge in our line and start ramping up your wardrobe. Remember to think outside-the-box – be you, but be daring.

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