Lace up

Lace up

Lace up

We are excited to introduce our new line of our luxury lace pieces. We believe that lace is a great way to express your feminine side! This romantic textile is truly a girl's best friend. Join us as we discuss some of our most favourite pieces from our latest collection.



Our girl Giuliana is slaying our 1970’s revival blush tone Dena dress. This precious piece features stunningly intricate details around every edge. The low cut folded v-neck collar coordinates with gathered sleeves and double layered bottom - creating the most romantic picture perfect finish.



We have Giuliana again looking ever so gracious in our new Gracia jumpsuit. This beautiful full-length jumpsuit leaves us breathless in minimal chic. It features a built-in low-cut bralette and boyleg undershorts for extra comfort. With a loose fit ultra light-weight pant, Gracia is perfect for day to night. Gracia is an absolute closet staple this season.



Classic never goes out of style - Introducing our Jacinta dress, this lace slip is simply sophisticated. Featuring a nude underlay and covered in floral black lace. The chest is open, baring lace that subtly crawls up the spaghetti straps. This seductive mid-length piece is so stylish and comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else.



The Rani jumpsuit is one of our most popular items this season. This dramatic jumpsuit offers frills and spills, to say the least. Rani also features flourishing ruffles and an open chest, closed with an elegant pussies bow. This piece is perfect for any glamour gal who loves to make a statement.



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